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No FSX screen when start flight through AH ~ Help please!

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As per my subject...  When I start a flight from AH, all goes fine and FSX start screen shows (the blue one),  also the loading bar shows progress as per normal.

When completed loading nothing shows but my desktop.  I can hear the aircraft but nothing will persuade the loaded flight to show.  I have restarted several times and had a PC reboot.
When starting FSX without AH, everything goes as normal.  Have been flying AH since 2012, never seen this before and all was fine yesterday.
Any help appreciated,   Rick
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Thanks.......  How does that happen in practice when FSX is started by AH when you push "Ok go fly"  (or similar) ? At what point would you right click on FSX for admin start?


And also......why never before?


Thanks for the start though.........Rick

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I don't think it's necessary to start FSX as Admin, though it may happen "by inheritance" when FS is launched by AH as long as AH is running as Admin. However you start AH, it's important to run it as admin.


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Something that happens to me occasionally is after starting up from AH (especially if I click ANYTHING after "Fly Now"), FSX will minimize to the task bar after exactly the "loading steps" you described (blue FSX window + Terrain loading bar) and it can be fussy getting it to return to the desktop. My machine runs Windows 8 and I have to hover over the FSX icon in the task bar for a little while, at which point a Mini-FSX window pops out of the task bar...I have to carefully (or it disappears) move the mouse up to that window, Rt. Click it and select "Maximize"...but often Mini window ignores me a couple times, and I have to lather rinse repeat a few times to get it to cooperate.


Hope that helps.

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Sorry John.......I misread your original post.  It is AH I run as admin.... that we can do ! Lets see how that goes.


And to Matt........thanks also.  I get that mini window with other files so I should get it with FSX.   Fingers crossed.....here we go !  


(I had just bought a Flying Boxcar so I was getting a bit pissed off having to hand it to an AI clown, to stop my shipments timing out !   :D   )

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Well bugger my old seaboots !


It worked ................the waiting for the tiny window and then  right clicking to maximise.  

Can't believe I spent the best part of the day trying to fly the go-round !



Now ...  If you could just tell me how to get that AI Pilot out of my new Boxcar ???   j/k


Many thanks to all,   Rick

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