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Whatever ac I fly is fine until I instant replay and then sometimes, only sometimes I get either a black screen or strange graphics; black skies, distorted images, bits of ac, blurred scenery. I've switched on/off combinations of Rex, ftx, NE, long or short flights in my diagnostics but as the problem is inconsistent I cannot pin it down.


The worst offending ac is the JF 146.


Ideas anyone?



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i don’t have a solution for your situation per say

but its an experience i went through that may give you an idea or direction

i was recording my flights with the Dodo a long time ago, using replay function (with FSRecorder)

when i played back my flight id get weird sounds; for the longest time i had no idea where this is coming from

until one day the Dodo developer (Simon) himself was watching my video's

he then told me to set up the Dodo in a specific way when recording and playing back

for the Dodo it was simply, playback when on level 1, and put the throttle back up to position during playback

that pretty much solved it for me

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Thanks Chris, it's on instant replay that this problem occurs and with increasing frequency lately.


The only component I didn't upgrade was the graphics card which must be 5 years old. Wonder if that is the cause of it.

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Geoff, It could be your graphics card, I notice it has 1024MB of memory, it is fairly standard in product specs now to advise 2048MB as minimum.

You can get a decent card with 2048 MB for under a hundred squid.  :)

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Here's another approach...

The FSX engine can, in some circumstances, be a bit unstable. The older the installation, after several add-ons, etc, the greater the likelihodd that FSX will throw a wobbly. Instant Replay, like Flight Recording, uses .frc files. These can be notoriously unreliable. I use them in mission building and generally have to re-record a required flight several times before I get an acceptable .frc to re-play. Now, this may just be a problem with my FSX installation, but it might be an idea to try a couple of flight recordings to see if the same sort of problem arises as with Instant Replay.

Just my six-penn'orth worth!

Cheers -Dai. :old-git:

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