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a quick, interesting aerofly/fsx scenery comparison

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a quick comparison of aerofly fs with switzerland professional in fsx  the valley used is that from Sion heading east

frame rates in fsx 50-60 aerofly 110-120


so which are fsx and which are aerofly????

















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Having just spent the last 3 weeks watching the Tour de France, the Aerofly has the edge.

As for winter textures, I don't go out on the bike much as the roads are too slippery...

Ciao - Vincenzo (formerly known as Dai). :old-git:

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That makes an interesting comparison Joe, to be honest I always have my frames locked at 30  as well in fsx, but when i saw what aerofly could do I had to see what fsx could do fps wise.


these pics just go to show how individual an fsx installation can be, ones man's meat being another ones fowl, I wonder what this area would look like with gex or similar? to compare with orbx


Personally for my usage I have gone away from Orbx , as i have most of europe covered in photoscenery.


i will have to now install switzerland pro in my p3d setup to see how it looks


it would be interesting to see what others can produce using the same valley from their setup

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just tried p3d , I dont seem to be able to set it up well. i am getting only 17fps where with fsx in dx10 i am getting over 50. i changed the shadow sliders to half way and managed to get 24fps

also with p3d the mountains are covered in snow in july ??? and it is showing the correct date and season. In fsx  it is summer so no snow.

so far  for me aerofly wins hands down in this situ yes it has huge limitations , but their c172 is masses better than the A2a one for fsx

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