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Sept 2014 - Walking on Sunshine!

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It's been a fairly decent summer here in the UK (Excepting August!) and the Bournemouth Air Festival was a great success with the show pilots wowing the audience on the beaches.

So we would like to see your virtual holiday shots of sunshine and flying along or across the beach line.
3 entries per user, please choose your entries carefully as they cannot be changed once a vote has been cast against them.
Please check out the rules here 

To all viewers whether you post an entry or not please help us by voting for a shots you like by clicking the rep_up.png button in the bottom right corner of the entry.

Also, please remember, only screenshot entries in the main topic, keep the chatter to the QA forum here:thanks: 
Have fun. :thum:

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First: EDIT: I recently learned about the new rule (no edits at all) that was passed. In my picture the contrast is changed much more than what it is in FSX. I would just like to say that no editing

Pic 1 Pilot could you land near to that yacht please, if not the beach would do just fine.

Good luck everyone! 1) SoCal Phenom Departure Cheers, Sam.

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