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I'm off to Spain in a few days, so I've been working away at moving current FSX stuff over to my laptop.


Just ran into a minor glitch with AH. I put three files in my dropbox from the main computer = ahX.mdb and user_details.mdb from the main AH folder and the company database (Quikaire XXX.mdb) from the "Company" folder.


All seems to be as it should be - company loaded (and dinged me for rent in the process), but there's a pop-up warning that FSUIPC wasn't found in my FSX folder. That's nonsense - FSUIPC4 is alive and well and doing just fine in my FSX folder.


Anyone have any bits of wisdom to share on this?

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Look in the folder Airhauler/BGL and make sure there are sub-folders "9" and "X" (no quotes). You don't need to put anything in them but they need to be there.

Not sure that will solve the problem or not but I've seen Slopey recommend this over at JF when users have problems restoring from a backup.


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Thanks John,


Those directories are present - the "9" directory is empty, but the "X" directory has a whole mess of files = "Bglcache.bin". I tried renaming the originals and putting new (blank) directories in their place - no change.


There's a number of posts on the AH forum, but none that cover this subject (that I can find).

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Found the problem:


AH (and FSX) is installed on drive D: on my main computer. Moving it to the laptop where AH and DSX are on drive C: requires a mod to the "Paths" tab in AH "Options". Once AH is pointed in the right direction all is sweetness and light.

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