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I use FSX incorporating a large number of commercial scenery and airport add-ons (Orbx and UK2000). I also fly PMDG 737 NGX exclusive to all FSX installed aircraft. I want to install UT2 software within this mix. Are there any members here that use the PMDG 737 NGX with UT2 and, if so, would appreciate their comments about issues (if any) that may arise in the context I have described.  Thanks (user name Pegasus)

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Hello Pegasus and welcome to Mutley's Hangar.  :welcomeani:

Looking at the spec of your machine, you will be just on the brink with all the addons you have.  Especially with the PMDG. 
So I would suggest being a bit prudent when setting up a flight and as long as you start getting into the habit of switching some scenery off that will not be used, then all should be OK.
I use a great little free program for closing down scenery before you start FSX up.  linc: http://www.tweakfs.com/store/free_tools.php

download the FSX Scenery Config Toolbox.

After you install UT2, in the settings control move the GA traffic to nil if you are flying high, save on memory.

Also select about 35% airline traffic. This allows you to see other aircraft around you on the ground but saves a bit on memory.


Hope this bit of info will help and I am sure others will also help with suggestions..


Let us know how you get on..  :thum:

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