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Hi all

first of all a great site, i thank you all


i have searched further than the starship enterprise to try and find a front view with the dimensions for a saitek pro flight yolk.

90% of the cad work is done and once i have this i can complete it and send it off to the cnc chaps to cut it out.

all the running gear is saitek ,and once i make sure it all fits any one is welcome to a copy of the cad drawing



thanks in advance





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Hi Laurence,

First up, welcome to Mutley's Hangar, you have found forum nirvana.

Give me a day or two (it's xmas) :D, I will get the detail you're looking for over to you.

In the meantime, have a good Xmas and enjoy having a wander through the forum.

All the best


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Thanks guys

i have the yoke in question but its not that easy to measure, its not a square box but consists of multiple angles which need to be quite accurate on cad

as this will be cut out buy a laser


if you google xtop pro flight panel the yoke hole is the dimensions i need



thanks for the quick response and


Happy xmas

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