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Wireless-HDMI for laptop connection to flatscreen-TV running FSX

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Hi Donald and welcome to Mutley's Hangar, also, Happy New Year to you.

I don't use a laptop for gaming, so in that regard I'm not qualified to answer your question.

There are however a few guys here that may be able to advise you.

Be patient and the guys will home in on your question and hopefully, help you.

As it's still the holiday period, some of the guys may not be logging on as much, so hang in there.

All the best for 2015.


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Hi Donald, welcome to our forums.


The major hurdle is to get the best performance from the laptop which will be difficult with FSX as it stands at the moment. 


So weigh up your expectations from the sim, if you are after a the highest resolution with smooth action then maybe wait for Prepar3D V3?


I know we have a specialist here in the UK for laptops http://www.chillblast.com/ but not sure if you have a US equivalent.


I am not up with the workings of wireless HDMI but if other devices can interface with it then any PC should be OK.



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I agree with Mutley. I think your biggest issue will be the performance of the sim on a laptop platform. The speed and quality of the output going via wireless HDMI to a larger external display will most likely be the least of your problems. Though you may be able to find some high-end units that are good, the constraints and compromises that are built into most laptops, particularly GPUs will prevent you having a great FS experience.

Welcome to MH.


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Donald, here's a review completed late last year of a small lap-top configured for FSX:


As long as the lap-top's CPU/GPU combo is fast enough, in this case i5/860M, you'll have no worries with FSX unless you're flying PMDG through Rex4 over very complex autogen scenery. Using a 2nd screen is a must, as the lap-top's own screen is really too small for serious simming - the lap-top under review was aimed at 'simming on the move'. This 2nd screen will give you the option of running flight planning/GPS/alternatve views (i.e. instruments) on the lap-top screen whilst the main FSX display shows on the bigger screen. Lastly, you will definitely need a Mouse! The touch-pad will drive you crazy!

Hope that helps - Good Luck!

Cheers - Dai. :old-git:

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