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SimFlight.de, Peter Rosendahl Interview with me :)

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Are you intending to release Night Environment Ireland at any point? I have not done any night flying in FS at all (due to the poor night lighting that comes with the VFR GenX photoscenery), but I am keen to start experiencing this in P3D. Is the latest version of your product fully compatible with P3D? If so, can you help out the likes of Aerosoft to get their custom airport lights working properly! Default taxiway lights look rubbish with high detail airports and associated ground textures ;) To be honest, I am not sure why some developers are having problems with this. Gary Summons seems to do just fine with his UK2000 Xtreme airports....

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Hi Chris

Ireland is already covered with NE British Islands

technically speaking NE is fully compatible with latest P3D

there is a fix we are waiting on from P3D to address texture blending issue we have under P3D,

under P3D colors converted from RGB to sRGB; the algorithm handling the conversion assigned a brighter color then expected to our ground splash textures;

this has already been addressed and should be included in P3D v2.5 upcoming update; other then that there are no other known pending issues with any addon

creating a proper night scene isn't as simple as one might think;

there are allot of elements involved especially at the level we take our night lighting systems

its interesting you've mentioned this; i am currently involved with scenery developers working on very high profile airport

i have taken over night coverage for their entire scenery; if all goes well there are few more projects up ahead

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So the NE British Isles package also covers Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland? That's great news. All the night lighting that I need in a single download :thum: Are you helping Aerosoft with custom airport night lighting? I have Heathrow Extended and Dublin, and obviously I would want extensive night lighting at both of these international airports!

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not AS directly; I'm working with independent developers,

(Aerosoft does have interest in the project though)

if you look closely at the screenshots from IDS Studios (Innovative Design Studios) - EBBR

you will notice my work there :)


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