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Leg 01 - Southampton (EGHI) - Gamston (EGNE)

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Welcome to leg 1 of ATWC Six!
Our first leg will see us transport the baton from Southampton Mutley Field (EGHI) to Gamston EGNE in Nottinghamshire via  a multiplayer session. 
The route would be as follows with a touch and go at each airfield en route. (Thanks Plan-G)
We had a good turn out from the crew with the following in attendance.
           Jeff (Joe)                    Virgil (Micke)                  John (Tim)                  Penny (Jess)          Parker (Brian)
th_Kyrano.jpg  th_TheHood.jpg
Kyrano (Dai)               The Hood (Andrew)
In support we had:
th_GordonTracy-1.jpg   th_brains.jpg        th_tintin.jpg
     Gordon (John)                      Brains (JG)                    Tin Tin Kyrano (Lynda)
Chosen aircraft were from the WWII era, we had  4 Spitfires (Joe, Andrew, Dai & Micke) a ME109 'flown' by Brian, a Messerschmitt Me 262 flown by Jess and a RealAir Duke B60 V2 flown by Tim (There’s always one!!)  
Micke had sent the plan down to the Mutley Crew in plenty of time to preview the route, but that didn’t mean we would not have problems on the day, oh no! Nearly everyone had issues with FSX, their machine, Skype or the internet!
It took a good hour to get the crew assembled, I had a problem with my RealAir Spitfire overheating and catching fire so a quick swap out for the Just Flight version did the trick.
Then I spotted Fritz in my mirrors giving it to me with both barrels, so not to be out done I turned around and faced him up. Eat lead sucker! (Every shot missed!)
As you can see, no one had a version of Jess’ ME 262 in their sim so we saw differing models from the F18, to a CRJ or Phenom!
Anyway, we were off, only an hour late. 02 was the runway of the day, we were flying in fair weather as the real world weather on the day had the cloud base at around 800ft.
We dropped past Middle Wallop army base at varying intervals. Here is a picture from Micke and we can see Tim off to the right. 
Here's Dai coming in!
I paid a complimentary visit to Truxton for a mini display.
Before heading to Upavon, not to be confused with the larger Netheravon airfield a couple of miles away, I am sure someone landed there?
There was no one to greet us at Oaksey park but we still graced them with our presence.
We carried on regardless with a little cat and mouse activity!
Gloucestershire airport was a breeze with no problems encountered. No piccies so here is a shot of Micke and Brian having a pow-pow!
Woverhampton aka Halfpenny Green, another ex RAF airfield and we were spoilt with a choice of three runways.
Approach to Cosford, an active RAF base so we had to watch our p's and q's   :salute: 
Woodford nr Manchester, a salute to the Avro Lancaster and Vulcan that were built here.
Over the border to the land of flat caps and Whippets, Micke on the ground at Sheffield City...
... As I circle overhead taking in the view before we make the final leg.
Gamston -Joe landing
Brian touching down
Micke on base
Andrew Landing
De briefing on the apron, just waiting for Kasper to arrive to take the baton off overseas.


One final shot from Dai!

The company credit card remained unscathed, however we have 8 for dinner so it will be prawn croquette tapas all round, the bar had doubled their Bacardi order as they knew Jess was in town...  :whis:


Meanwhile, Sharon has been getting ready for service, very willing and very able.


Happy flying everyone. Over to you Kasper  :thum:

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Thanks for your comments, the screenshots above were sent to me by the crew so thanks for the memories guys.


Talking of memories, yes Dai, you completed the whole flight, I was keeping an eye on you for most of the way  :D



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I was keeping an eye on you for most of the way



Through the gunsight?




Most likely John....


Great PRIEP to get us going Boss , a very good representation of what went on as far as I can remember ;)


And in all fairness I should confess that Joe wasn't the only one that blew up an Spitfire engine during the flight... I managed to do it too. The only difference was, I was in the air at the time... If anyone heard report of a emergency landing on the A458 just west of Stourbridge causing major damage to both road vehicles and near by buildings I take full responsibility for that   :salute:

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A great start to the challenge, guys — well done!   :clapping:


(Although whatever possessed you to try it in those teeny little aircraft I can't imagine — it looks extremely unsafe to me. But presumably those funny things going round and round at the front help you to keep your cool?)    :ok:


Ah well, each to their own, and it's great to see the baton on its way.


Many thanks for the write-up, Joe, and also for the cast list and pictures. I didn't realise that Andrew was actually a nom de plume for Gregg "three-Gs" Wallace, though.   :rolleyes:


I look forward to meeting up with Kieran in Riga — although having seen the recent screening of the Wallander episode ('The Dogs of Riga') maybe we'll need to keep our heads down....




Bruce (a.k.a. Brian747)



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(Although whatever possessed you to try it in those teeny little aircraft I can't imagine — it looks extremely unsafe to me. But presumably those funny things going round and round at the front help you to keep your cool?)    :ok:


Those funny little spinning things at the front failed miserably at keeping my engine cool enough to keep it from blowing up in mid-flight, so I doubt that's their main function  ;)

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<sigh>  Sorry to hear that, Micke  —  but hardly surprised (I never could get the hang of them. In fact I always thought a "condition lever" was something you'd find on a hairdryer, hence the "L" plate on my IR insignia).


Happily, there are alternatives available.   :D




Bruce a.k.a. brian747


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I was being polite my not including shots of your stricken Spitfire, still here they are :D 


Blackened windscreen


Choose a field, any field, just do not land on the A458 west of Stourbridge.  :rofl: 



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