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anyone using Sbuilder x?

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Thanks Eddie I had a p.m. from kevin that set me right as well, but i have soldiered on with sbuilder for the moment just because my feeble brain cant take in too much at any one time, and i think i have made a reasonable job for my first effort albeit with a few tasks to do to get rid of some boats that microsoft insists on placing in my harbour.

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I agree with Kevin that FS Earth tiles is a lot easier to use than SBuilder X. I have used SBX in the past and found it very time consuming in getting small amounts of photo real scenery. With FSET you can leave the PC on over night and be flying over your home made scenery after breakfast!!


If you would like a full working FSET 1.03b send me a PM and I can email it to you. Cheers, Michael.

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well.. although they can do similar tasks these two are not created equal

one will be my choice for PR downloading and masking; the other for landclass editing in smaller scale

SBuilderX is more designed to work on an individual tiles or a small area; while FSET is designed toward bulk processing of tiles


i do recall having the same issue you’re having working with SBuilderX; but that was a while back for me (if i recall i was using XP at the time)

i have come across FSET since and never looked back (for my project needs at the time)


FSET is not the right tool to remove objects you dont like; sbuilder is more oriented toward that sort of jobs (excludes; give me some trees here here and there etc...)

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Thanks Michael , i have downloaded 1.03b Kevin gave me the link, and I am currently trying to RTFM but the FM isnt that helpful, it presumes a certain amount of prior knowledge. I need to be able to get an image from GE but I dont have the necessay info, I think Kevin referred to getting it from Internet explorer but i binned that years ago, any help would be appreciated, to set up fset to work with GE


I now am using SBuilder 314 (the 64 bit version) and can now download about 25photos each containing around 12-1400 tiles after that it gets so slow it is best to compile and start again.


I see some people reckon that Sbuilder is better for photoscenery, which is what i am creating , however others reckon Fset is better for bulk stuff, if that is the case I think I will try to get my head around FSET as  sbuilder takes so long, but at least it is simple to work with despite the odd crash.

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