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Welcome to the Ocala Flight Sim Club web pages, courtesy of Mutleyshanger.

This should and could be a great way to spread information about the club, members, and activities.

Please check in often and jot a few lines to show our appreciation for this site.

I will be posting as often as possible and welcome your comments.

Happy (SIM) flying,

Gunker (Wayne)

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Let me be the second to post a welcome to all OFSC members to Mutley's Hangar and to our new "turf" so thoughtfully provided by Mutley.

I am hopeful that we're going to find this to be useful and fertile ground for our club business and other items of mutual interest.


John Allard

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To all club members coming aboard....

Don't overlook the non-OFSC parts of Mutley's Hangar too. By being part of this you're also a full member of that. It's a friendly community and there's lots of good stuff to see there too.


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Okay, I'm in too. Website looks good and will be an asset without question. Thanks, John!

And I really like that logo. Thanks, George (please correct me if I'm crediting the wrong guy.)

Back to the 1967 Braniff AI stuff...


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Welcome, Frank, with a little help from Mutley himself getting you signed in.

For any of you new members who are reading this, don't miss some of the other interesting things in the MH Forums. You're not restricted in any way to just the OFSC part of this.


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