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Credit where Credits due

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I would just like to thank publicly a few guys who have helped me immensely and selflessly over the last couple of days and in doing so I have to say it epitomises the real value of Mutleys forums over others that will not be mentioned.


I have been engaged in a project to recreate photscenery of  my home islands of the Bahamas and had come across a program called Sbuilder, which isnt bad , very easy to get working but a bit buggy, but there are plenty of videos on you tube to help you get going.


but due to the bugginess and slowness of Sbuilder i asked on the forums if anyone knew of a better solution.


Kevin Firth set me on the track of FSET which i downloaded but being open source it is by no means as easy or logical to set up and there are loads of threads on the internet with people crying for help, mostly finishing with ahh i found out the solution without telling how they had cured the problem.


to my aid came Chris Bell (MYPC8MYBRAIN) who I am sure by the end he must have been typing through gritted teeth, but he got me going

and as he said and Kevin as well, FSET is certainly a better program and much faster than Sbuilder. so now i am faced with restarting my program for the bahamas I will post some pics as they develop


as a practice I have just created the whole port of Genoa including the airport in about 5 minutes and it is like WOW!!


so stand up you guys (and Michael (IZOJUB)in Italy) and take a bow !!


Many thanks for helping an old duffer out!



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Hi again Nigel,


GREAT you got FSET up and running and you can now see how good the software is. No more default FSX cartoon scenery from now on then! Happy scenery making and flying. Cheers, Michael, Umbria, Central Italy.

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Michael how the hell did i get the impression you were from Ireland?????????

I ajolopise profusely

i must be going colour blind as well as senile

but again many thanks


and as you say no more duff fsx scenery



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Thanks Nigel, glad you're getting into scenery development and finding its not that hard after all :)

I'd be happy to help anyone else who wants to get started with SBuilderX and FSET, just ask away...between Chris and I we can cover just about any timezone :P K

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