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making your first photoscenery

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It is always something I have wanted to do, recreate the islands where i spent my first 20 formative years, As the M.S. version was worse than grim.  Getting down to actually doing it was a bit more daunting than I expected.


Getting your head around the various programs which enable you to make photoscenery is far more difficult than actually scanning the area that you want.  The manuals (for want of a better description)  are less use than a chocolate tea pot, and written in a language that i dont recognise as English. To be perfectly honest I was at the point of throwing the towel in if I had not been rescued by a few guys on this site as mentioned in another thread. since then i have managed, albeit in a  very amateurish manner to produce my first Island.



Here is how Microsoft perceive Nassau and its harbour to look


and here is my first effort


yes far from perfect , hopefully that will come , but more recogniseable and much more fun to fly around



Indeed I have been immensely helped by Michael (IZOJUB)  whose patience knows no bounds, who took pity on me as he had been through the same learning curve as I and also found that the online help columns and forums only sent one further up the garden path with no solution to hand, I am deeply indebted to him . However as he pointed out all of a sudden one finds it nearly compulsory to continue making scenery so much so that one hardly gets a chance to fly. I have also fallen into this trap , as i have totally rescanned Genoa (the default location) and am trying to scan the second island in the Bahamas chain.


But there lies the problem the more you scan and the better product you create the more you realise your short comings, so you go deeper and deeper into the bowels of the program to make a better and better scenery. I have already redone Nassau 3 times in as many days , yes it is still far from perfect i have to work blending the sea into my scenery and a load of other jobs but i am pleased with what i have done so far, and tomorrow is another learning day.


would i recommend others have a go? most certainly, the only problem is that it takes so much time to do anything, days disappear and you have precious little initially, to show for it


But be warned again, just when you think you have it cracked you discover it may be a good idea to add 3d trees, or houses or heaven forbid an airport, let me assure you, that is a quantum leap away from photoscenery and if you think this takes a load of time this next level takes eons to make anything that looks roughly like a house let alone an airport. So deep respect is due to those that do so, and sell us their wares , because this is also brain numbingly boring work.


so have a go !


I have only another 699 islands to go to complete the Bahamas!

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As Nigel says it is addictive once you start!

It isnt that difficult technically to get your head round though I dont think, it helps if theres a cpl of people who will point you in the direction of the apps and utilities you will need :)

Not forgetting of course to RTFM (SDK!) as well ;) K

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