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Leg 14 - Abu Dhabi Intl (OMAA) to Muscat (OOMS)

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Welcome to leg 14 of ATWC SiX.  
The information contained in this post is not for real world aviation, just in case you thought it was real!!   :D

On the face of it this was the easy one, a 205 nm hop from Abu Dhabi to Muscat. 


What I didn’t count on was the world’s press in attendance in Abu Dhabi as we had some royals in town, Andy was trying to set up some new lucrative business that would net him a few $mil. (Why else would he do it?!)  
More interestingly for aviation buffs, it was the start of the around the world challenge for the Solar Impulse 2 (Si2). It's first flight leg was to be the same as mine, touching down in Muscat. Si2 had already landed in Muscat so hopefully by the time me got there things will have quietened down a bit.


JG wanted to steer clear of publicity since his latest jailbreak, so he high-tailed it out of town as soon as he could. Bruce said JG would be waiting at Martin & Lisa’s in Dubai and could I pick him up and take him to Muscat (where I had already booked him a place on a transporter home).
Martin & Lisa’s place was in a very nice hotel apartment block just off the Sheikh Zayed road in down town Dubai, and the building had a pad on the top. So contrary to my better judgement, I hired a Bell 407 for the job. So a quick and dirty flight plan was made up to get us us to Dubai...  OMAA DCT Saeed Tower 2  ^_^  
Here we are on the apron, Bruce was now enjoying a little break, he had spotted some Chums from the FO so was keen to catch up with them.  I had the baton now so it’s time to pick up JG.
With no messing around it was straight up and straight over the royal party!
I decided just to fly straight out to the Persian/ Arabian Gulf on the runway heading, turn right and follow the coast up to Dubai.

The sun was getting low in the sky, we were about to turn north so a welcome relief from the glare.
We’re flying VFR, and I am familiar with this route so this should be a nice transfer and far more scenic than our second flight to Muscat. I had left it with Micke to have something ready at OMDB, I hope he has not sent along one of his wreckers!
After 20 minutes I had Dubai in my sights as I am approaching the Palm Jumeirah with the Burj Al Arab ahead.
Now it was time to concentrate as we approach the city. Here are a few shots of the way in.
The fountains dancing in the shadow of the Burj Khalifa.

Taking a careful route in amongst the tower blocks.

There's our pad on the Saeed Tower 2! (The round pad on the right)
Luckily I got this shot on the heli pad just before P3D freaked out with all the scenery detail and run out of memory.
So a slight tweak to the scenery complexity was in order to carry on. As the sun was going down I called down for JG but apparently he wasn’t there. He managed to get an invite to an illicit real ale festival in town so I took a spare room at Martin and Lisa’s for the night and would set off first thing. (Supposing JG was up to it).
Well I suppose 11:55am is in the morning. John was bleary eyed with the after effects of copious jugs of hop based brews. I removed the pad tie-downs and got the engine spooled up and the blades turning.
The airport was only a short hop away, JG has a pretty strong constitution so the barf bag was not required.


We were coming in on a non standard approach so as not to interfere with the traffic
I dropped JG off at the duty free warehouse so he could stock up. I sauntered across the apron and called into ATC to find out what aircraft was waiting for us and to file my plans to Muscat.
I was suitably impressed with the Phenom Micke had set up for the third leg of this flight,  I texted a thank you. Take care of it was the reply, it was part of the royal fleet, Micke had friends in very high places!

Taking full advantage of the free facilities I called for push back.
So after a long wait for the scheduled flights to clear, it was to be a departure out over the Persian/Arabian Gulf again.

We're away, being lightly fuelled it was like travelling in an express elevator!
and a right turn down the coast to Oman and then another turn back inland to the airport.
I thought better of letting JG do the comms as if the controller had any suspicion he had been drinking, we were stuffed.
The baton was safely(?) stowed in the cabin.

As we cruised south east the snoring was deafening but luckily my headphones also acted as ear defenders. I reached for the flask and gave JG a nudge.
Just about to pass Fujairah airport as we transit the FJR VOR.
Now over the Gulf of Oman there's quite a build up of cloud forming.
With about 40 miles to go we get a low fuel warning, we'll have enough to land safely so long as we don't have to divert.
As I can see the airport in the distance, JG seemed a lot more cognisant now with a strong cup of coffee in his hands. I inform ATC of our fuel predicament so we will be #1 to land.
Turning inland on a course to intercept the localiser
Established, wheels down, flaps 3, there's not far to go.
JG is now taking running through the pre-landing check list with me.
I'm happy with that approach, It's like we were on rails!
The slightest puff of smoke welcomed us to Muscat.
Vacate next exit

Calling up for fuel on the way to parking.


Here's our spot.

Everything dark, it's baking in here with the air off.

Chocked and ready for the next crew.
JG and I head off for the terminal. JG has his duty free so is happy, The baton is safely delivered so Micke is happy, I have a meeting with Jess so I am happy!!
Sorry this has been more like a photo journal than a PIREP and I hope it hasn't blown your internet bandwidth for the month!
Cheers / Mut slider_rockguitar.gif
Software used:
Sim: Prepar3d V2.5
WX Textures: REX Texture Direct
Aircraft: MilViz Bell 407, Carenado Phenom 100
Scenery: OMAA / OOMS flightsim.com freeware, Dubai scenery - Fly Tampa (Rebooted), FTX Global and FTX Global Vector.
Traffic: WOAI
Unedited sim shots except the baton in the cabin.

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Wow...whu?! no problems? How odd. :D


Gorgeous shots, sceneries, and aircraft choices. That phenom looks lovely.






... and I hope it hasn't blown your internet bandwidth for the month!
Cheers / Mut slider_rockguitar.gif




I doubt you need worry bout that...most of them are still waiting for their bandwidth allowances to catch up after opening my PIREPS on section 1... :whis::th_blush:






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Have you ever had a loan car that was low on fuel and tried to run it for the day before returning it?

It was just like that!

I guess the avgas was cheaper in OMDB? Surprised you didn't stop off at Burj Arab for a quick game of tennis...

Yep, that Phenom is very smooth - nice pics, Boss - thanks for sharing! :thum:

Cheers - Dai. :old-git:

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Great stuff: thank you, Joe!   :D


Excellent pics, too!


> "The information contained in this post is not for real world aviation..."


Yeah,  <sigh>  — but wouldn't it be more fun if it was!   :P





"...should have sent him home in the back of a C130"


Nah, too luxurious. How about underslung from a Chinook?   :whis:





a.k.a. brian747



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Good one there boss, good thing to have a few nice and easy legs in there from time to time...


Although I must admit I had almost expected you to somehow sneak yourself and the baton on to that Si2 flight  :D

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