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FTX: NA KBLU Blue Canyon-Nyack Released

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Just released is a special triple pack consisting of three GA airports: KBLA Blue Canyon-Nyack, 2O1 Gansner Field and CA21 Limberlost Ranch.


These three GA airports are spread across an area of approximately 1250 square miles at the northern end of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. They encompass an area of around 1500 square miles. Blue Canyon-Nyack airport lies in the Tahoe National Forest area near Emigrant Gap on the I80. At an elevation 5284ft ASL, the area is remote and sparsely populated making it ideal for stargazing trips and even has several permanent observatories within the airport boundary. The airport has a single 3300ft asphalt runway. During major fires the airport used as a helipad base for emergency response teams. Gansner Field is located 41NM north of KBLU near the town of Quincy. Situated in a wide valley the airport sits at 3419ft ASL and covers an area of 88 acres. It has one 4100ft asphalt runway. A number of FBO operate from the airport and these are included in our representation of the airport.


  • Includes 3 highly detailed airports: KBLU Blue Canyon, 2O1 Gansner Field and CA21 Limberlost Ranch.
  • Custom 10m mesh covering 8000 square miles
  • Highly detailed custom ground polygons
  • High resolution buildings
  • Unique static aircraft models
  • Custom modelled surrounding POIs such as gas stations, hotels, schools and churches
  • BONUS: includes Plumas District Hospital and helipad (CL94)
  • Challenging hilltop landing on a fully modelled runway at Limberlost Ranch.
  • Fully seasoned to match FTX Northern Calfornia
  • Hand placed autogen vegetation and buildings
  • By Greg Jones & Russell Linn (Turbulent Designs)


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