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First off, :welcomeani: to Mutley's Hangar.

This truly is one of the friendliest FS forums you will find! Our members and forum staff will go out of their way you if you have a problem.

But the forum is not just a place to seek help, it is a "Haven for flight sim enthusiasts" so if you want to shoot the breeze or just show off your new aircraft and scenery then please don't hesitate in posting.

Please feel free to make your first post in this thread just to say Hi. If you are and old timer like me or new to the hobby you should find something of interest! :thumb:



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Hi all, I am fairly new to flight simmimg, (about a year) and am enjoying it, I fly mostly A2A C172, but have very recently purchased Majestic's Dash 8. This looks a really helpful group and am e

Nice try Brett....  With google translation, you just asked him to go home ! 

Perhaps we should leave the French translations to you Loic!

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Hi My name is wolf andi have been flying sims for well over 10 years.

I was joint chief of Ops with a large group of guys from all over the world

using B17s we were called v8thOps we flew two tours of WW2 great fun but now

I fly MSFS on a regular basis as well as Airline pilot and Cargo pilot

Have just pre ordered AH and looking forward to the whole experience

Work with HM Coastguard


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Hi, my name is Billy and I recently got back into flying my flight simulator. I bought a new computer (HP Pavilion with Vista 64) and loaded MSFS 2004 on it. It works better now then it did on my old computer. I'm working on the flying lessons and I'm flying on my own (Mooney Bravo). I hope to post some pictures soon (once I figure out how). :thumbup:

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:thumbup: Hi Billy, welcome to Mutley's

What you need to post screenshots are

1. A program to grab the screen, I use this http://www.btinternet.com/~mnwright/programs/mgrab.htm

2. Often you need to make the picture smaller so it appears better on the forum, or you may get creative and want to edit the shot, try http://www.getpaint.net/

3. Then you have to store the shot on a third-party server like

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Only saw this thread now. Apologies for being a bit of a lurker. :whis:

My name is Marcellus. I've been into flight sims for a long time (I played Microprose' F-19 when it came out), mostly military flight sims, and finally got around to MFS about four years ago. I'm thoroughly enjoying this forum. Great place.

Oh, and by the way, call me Marcel. Everybody does. :winka:

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