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May 2015 - Favourite Freeware Aircraft

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May day is here and we are all dancing around our maypole in the Hangar! 


This month's competition has the theme of "Favourite Freeware Aircraft". This would be a picture of any type of aircraft so long as it is freeware. A link to the aircraft you are flying would be nice, but not obligatory.


3 entries per user, please choose your entries carefully as they cannot be changed once a vote has been cast against them.
Please check out the rules here


Please note, due to staff vacations this competition will be open until 23:59 UTC Friday June 5th 2015

To all viewers whether you post an entry or not please help us by voting for a shots you like by clicking the rep_up.png button in the bottom right corner of the entry.
Also, please remember, only screenshot entries in the main topic, others posts will be deleted, please keep the chatter to the QA forum here.    :thanks: 
Have fun.    :thum:

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This superb freeware aircraft is a fully detailed aircraft (both inside and outside the cockpit) the best freeware aircraft that I have ever found.


It comes in three variants. F35A (Conventional aircraft), F35B (STOVL aircraft) shown here and my personal favorite, and the carrier version the F35C.


Dino's package contains all three.




More information can be found here: 





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Dino's planes are getting a workout in here...lets toss this one into the mix. The link is somewhere up there^^^ :D


LOVE this plane...Boeing T-45C Goshawk, it goes very fast, and it goes very slow, and looks fantastic inside and out...doesn't get any better than that...cuz it's FREE!!!:


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Fleet 50 Freighter only five a/c were ever built due to lack of power.It also comes with skis and tundra wheels so it good to go anywhere. fs9 freeware from PC Pilot issue 93


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Here's my favourite 'add-on' in an 'add-on', the Sikorsky S-61 by David Hardcastle in Air Greenland livery by Lars Larsen of FlightSim.gl:


The scenery, Narsarsuaq-X, is also from Flight Sim Greenland.

Cheers - Dai. :old-git:

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