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Hi all,

Is there a way I can have some radio chatter coming out my speakers whilst flying in FSX? It would be great if the chatter related to my flight/route but anything would do to break some of the silence.


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I've moved your post.


There are several things you can do.


Default FSX traffic is OK, but eventually you may want to shell out for a payware traffic program, which improves things immensely.


You'll want to go to the top line menu system in FSX and move the traffic slider to the right. Given that you don't have a high end computer, don't take too big a bite - start at about 50% and see how it goes.


You should tune the COM1 or COM2 radio to a local frequency for Tower, Ground, Center, Approach, Departure, etc. It won't really matter which one if you are not using ATC. You can get local frequencies from the FSX map view, or from my airport diagrams in the MH File Library.


There are also add-on payware apps that will introduce more and better ATC chatter into the sim. I'm assuming you are not really ready to be adding payware just yet.


Quite outside FSX, there is a site called LiveATC that will allow you to get live, streaming audio from airports and centers all over the world. Pick the channel you want and let the audio play. Unfortunately, UK laws make the streaming of UK ATC illegal but they have channels for many other places and it's good background noise if that's what you are looking for.


Ultimately, you'll get to the point where you're ready to use ATC yourself for your own flights and that will keep you tuned to the appropriate frequencies so you'll not only hear audio for local traffic, but some of it will be for you.



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Hi John,


Thanks for moving the original post and thank you for the tips. I have just tried it and it worked perfectly, just what I wanted to add a bit of realism. I am sure there are better options out there but what you have advised will do me for a while.



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