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How many monitors with TH2G AND gtx960

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Hi all

Am in the process of building a flightsim cockpit and have been reading many of the articles on this site with interest so thought I'd say hi and join.

I have a question for those using th2g. My video card has four outputs and can drive four monitors. Does anyone know if i were to use one of those with a th2g i could in effect drive 6 monitors? (So three fwd displays, left and right and one for instruments?). Or am i expecting too much?

Im building a GA simpit based on a c152... Just sorting out displays at the moment. Was planning on three 47" tvs but not sure whether thats the best idea at the moment. Space is limited so no projector and it is going to be an enclosed cockpit.

Many thanks


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Hi Jon, welcome to Mutley's Hangar, I hope you enjoy your time here on the forum.

As for your question, I don't see why this wouldn't be possible.

You use one output for the TH2Go which leaves three other outputs.

I can't be positive about it, so wait and see if anyone else knows better than I.

Also, if you haven't already got a TH2Go, I have one that I'm selling for £200 +£7 postage.

If you need one, mine is still boxed and only used for a few months. In perfect condition complete with cables, driver disk and manual. Let me know by pm if you want it.

Hang around for some more answers to your question, hopefully you should be ok to run with your idea.



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Lol. It doesn't ;-)

Was initially thinking three 47", 1 front and 1 each side, which only leaves me one spare gfx output for instruments.

So wondered if i could use TH2G to free up GFX outputs and perhaps drive three smaller monitors instead of a single 47" tv for forward.


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