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Hi there,

Just come across this site and looks like it could be great for me to talk to like minded people!


I have been three years building a 737-800 cockpit in my garage.  It started off as a hobby but had so much interest I descided to run full commercial software...ouch!....  (it doubles the cost of the sim instantly!)  and start hiring the simulator out.

Most of this project has been a slow and painfull learning experience.  The one thing I have spent a lot of time on is multiple views.  I dont have enough room in the garage to use projectors and quite honestly, I prefer the image from screens so I have 3 x 50 inch plasmas run by a TH2G.  I have run 2 x TH2G for 5 views but was unable to get the resolutions high enough on FSX or prepar to stretch the image round enough.


My question, which I'm sure keeps cropping up, is has anyone had success with Nvidea and SLI to generate multiple scenary views?  I don't seem to be able to get multiple views on FSX  or prepar.


I have 2 x GTX 650 TI set to SLI so have the ports to run the 5 screens.  Just don't really want to go down the route of wideview if I can help it.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi Mark and welcome to the forums here. :hat:


Personally I don't have a clue what it takes to run multiple monitors but I did want to say hi. I am pretty sure you will get the help you need here, it might take a bit as the weather is getting nicer. :D Good luck.



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Hi Mark,

Welcome to Mutley's Hangar, where have you been?

You are in the right place, as there are no stupid questions when it comes to our hobby.

Check out the cockpit builders section.

As for running multiple monitors, I have been using a Triple Head 2 Go, which allows you to run 3 monitors from one port. I have now upgraded my GPU and now have a redundant TH2Go, check out the classifieds.

Your sim' looks very nice and extremely professional, well done. Lots of hours and plenty of cash gone in to that I can see.

There are others here that are more qualified to answer your question, so hang on until they find your question.

Cheers and once again, welcome.. Enjoy the forum.



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Thanks Brian,


I am looking to stop using Triple head to 2 go with the hope that it will give less crabbing effect and yes your right...lots of hours and money and still no way near where I want it to be!


Many thanks.

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