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Hi Guys,

I bought a very good condition used Saitek Pro Flight system today but due to my spinal injuries I can't use the rudder pedals.

So I'd like to sell them for a reasonable offer or swap for a Saitek Radio panel or Multi panel.

Best wishes Glenn

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Hi Glenn


It's a shame you have had no takers as that is a good deal, perhaps it may be time to try eBay?


Just out of interest, how do you control the rudder and brakes with a yoke?


Kind regards,

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Hi Joe,


Im just about to buy the Saitek Pro Flight Multi Panel with my birthday money tomorrow so not all bad.


As for rudder and brakes... Unfortunately i have to use auto rudder ( not good i know but i have to remember im limited by my disability.. but the plus side is that i can use the blue lever on the throttle quadrant as my 2nd engine throttle..seeing as i mostly fly turbo prop twins it works for me ;) ) as for brakes i have a button on the left handle of the Saitek Pro Flight yoke that operates as a brake..


Best wishes Glenn


P.S Now happy to take offers on the Saitek Pro Flight Rudder / Brake pedals...

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Wish I could mate, but A, got no room for it and B, not a lot of spare cash at the moment. Apart from that I know West Moors pretty well as Dad lives at St Leonards, we often go for a meal at the Tap and Railway!  I've still got a Siatek yolk and throttle box to set up at some point, but my PC Desk doesn't give me room to do it. :(

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