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June 2015 - Boeing V Airbus

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Final shot for June from me - touchdown at a dusky EDDT.  

Entry 1 - I'm in heaven  

Looking good - Code share airlines.     Bob

#3rd and last...and the probable end of my airliner rating pending results of the hearing.


Yes, it was an horrible irresponsible stunt, but, we had no idea that several American drivers would plunge to their suicides in fear that terrorists intended to strike the bridge. :(



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Apologies of its late but here is my first ever entry. An Aeroflot Airbus A318


I had installed the freeware Airbus collection and thought i would have my 1st look at a "Big Bird". I had just gone thru the engine start up from Cold & Dark at Gatwick ! it took me about 30 minutes to get both engines fired correctly and thought i would take a screeny as i was blown away by the level of detail. The paintjob is stunning. Best wishes Glenn



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Thanks everyone for joining in, another great response  :thanks:
This month's winner is pjl953's picture entitled "Touchdown at a dusky EDDT" 

Congratulations Peter, please check your PM's 

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