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Ah, I see.. From that sentence alone I'd say you've got it down fairly good mate, in fact I see worse swedish in writing almost every day just by reading my Facebook feed  ;)


Where do you have the house in Sweden? Close to Linköping perhaps, I seem to recall you posting about visiting the Air Force Museum there a few years back...

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Ahh, that wasn't a place I was familiar with, and I was on the phone when I posted so that info was hidden for me  ;)


Not an area of Sweden I've been to either, Linköping and Söderköping  is as close as I've been. I will be heading down to the Airforce museum later on this Summer too, with friends from this very forum as it where.


Enjoy your stay up here.. at the moment the weather is splendid (and I'm stuck at work :wacko2: ). Hope it stays this way for some time now, I've got to get through next week as well before I get my vacation.. 

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