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Hi gang, here is a new fun topic for you to join in with.


Let's see how long we can keep this one going.. 


Poetic replies only please, let's see how it goes!  :D


Here's your starter...




There was an old lady from Chiselhurst..

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I had to fix that, couldn't leave the bloody thing hanging without a line.

Their terror was palpably felt none dared to describe to the waiting old scribe The fetid odor of smelt. King Mutley was frankly relieved

A tuba so hard her lungs burst.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   An old pilot who lived near Heathrow,

It made him more grateful


For a life e'er so fateful,

And laughed when the electric chair fuses did blow.




There was a young man from Ocala,

Who went to a massage parlour,

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With his hat and waxed moustache,

He certainly cut a dash,

When walking the streets of Gujarat.


There once was a man from Hastings.

Who frequently went to wine tastings

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There was a young lady from Norway

Who hung by her heels from the doorway...


And what is more,

Her boobs reached the floor,  :huh:



and blocked the view down the hallway




There once was a dog named Mutley,


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Who covered himself in chutney,


Mutley had a side kick

Whose friends called him Dick,

And the pair ran a bar down in Putney.




An old fella called Brett from Penn,

Was a true man amongst all men,


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