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DCS World on Steam

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I am thoroughly into P3D but do also have FSX on Steam now (deleted the disk version).

I didn't realise that DCS World was on Steam and fancy trying it.

To any DCS experts out there what would you recommend as a taster?

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Well you can't really go wrong with DCS aircraft, they are pretty much all very good. DCS lacks in the flying environment department, hence everyone is awaiting DCS World 2 but it's not happening any time soon. A lot of people don't like flying WW2 aircraft in the modern environment.

As to where to start well my advice would be to make some choices

1. Planes or Helicopters - the Huey is excellent if you go Heli route

2. Pick an era - WW2, Cold War or Modern Jets - P 51 for me (the 109 is very difficult to fly initially) the Dora is also good. Cold War I like the Sabre bet you can't work out why :)) The MiG 15 bis is equally as a good though. More modern and complex jet has to be MiG 21bis.

3. Simple or complex but depends on 2. above - the F15-c is my favourite in the more simple (don't read easy, they're not) category maybe look a Flaming Cliffs 3 as it gives you aircraft from both sides SU-27. If you want to get in at the deep end the A10-c does everything but has a steep learning curve.

Not sure that helps unfortunately :rolleyes:

Keep an eye out for sales though. They have them all the time. I have lots of their aircraft but I haven't paid full price for any of them. Also note you can't put ED store bought modules into steam.

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Hi Sabre.

Thanks for such a detailed reply. I'll give it a try and watch out for some bargains.

I seem to remember (froogle I think) it comes with a not too bad default aircraft?

From how you've spelled out the choices I think recent jets may be my starting point.

Cheers Dean

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