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FTX: NA KSTS Sonoma County Regional Airport Released

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Wine Country!

Welcome to KSTS Sonoma County Regional Airport, and the fifth Orbx airport project from Misha Cajic. Sonoma County is ideally situated about 40 nautical miles north-west of the SFO Bay area, as well as in between many of Orbx’s other FTX NCA projects. It is one of California’s premier wine producing regions, and attracts more than 7.4 million tourists each year. With its highest peak on Mt St Helena looking over Sonoma Valley, each approach to KSTS is scenic in its own right, from the rolling golden Californian hills, to the wineries and the mid-sized city of Santa Rosa. Every corner of the scenery has been modelled to meticulous detail, with hundreds of custom models in both the Santa Rosa city area, including the town centre, hospital and Coddingtown Mall, and the greater surroundings, including the town of Windsor, just north of the airport. The airport itself has been modelled in huge detail, with accurate terminal interiors and building layouts, and advanced custom animations to bring the scenery to life, all topped off with rendering techniques for ambient shadowing and night lighting.

  • Over 250sq km of 30/60cm photoreal terrain to explore!
  • Pristine 7cm ground textures at airport
  • Optimized for the Q400 and airliners
  • Fully custom modeled airport and objects
  • Advanced AO and night rendering techniques
  • FULL Santa Rosa cityscape and landmarks included
  • Internal modelling of terminal and restaurant!
  • Advanced animations, including vehicles and guard gates
  • Custom vegetation at airport
  • Developed by Misha Cajic




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