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All I do is press the "Print Screen" button, then pause the flight, press the windows button( between crtl and alt), that brings up your home pc screen,(NOTE in FSX you need to press ESC BEFORE the windows key otherwise you'll find that you cannot get back to your flight for some reason), find your paint app, (mine comes up on the side bar) when your paintscreen comes up, click on "paste from" and your shot should come up. if you wish to crop the pic etc you can do that now. Then press the close button and it will give you the option to ,save, cancel or delete. click save and choose a name, also make sure you save as a JPEG. then just send it to your pics folder etc. It sounds complicated but I found that it works and only takes a couple of minutes.

Once your pic is safe just click on the FS button and resume your flight.

There may be a quicker way of doing it, in which case someone please tell me! :)

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Hi Jim I use Fraps for taking screen shots in fs9  and  it works fine for me, you can also have it set to show your frame rates too while flying. You can download this for free.it works with XP Vista and W7



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