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Audible alarm in PMDG 737

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When sitting at gate with engines shut down and APU running there is an audible alarm with no indication of what it is anywhere on overhead or on the panel.  Very irritating.  This is a short turnaround situation.  Any help would be appreciated.Thanks  Lewis B.

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Hi, Lewis!

Unfortunately, it's well over a year since I vlew the NGX, so my recollection is a little bit fuzzy. The other problem is that PMDG have modelled a number of audible alarms into their implementation of the aircraft, so more information would be helpful. (Well, it's essential, really).

First of all, is it possible for you to describe the alarm, as well as you can. Is it, for example, a warning horn, a verbal message, a "bing bong" sound, or what?

Secondly, you say that you're at the gate. But had you just arrived, or are you departing? And are the doors open or closed? (I'm wondering about the cabin altitude in particular).

More information will help us to help you. :)

Warm regards to Texas,



a.k.a. brian747

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What alarm is it? The 737 has more than a few. For starters, and as a very rough guess, check that's your throttles are in the closed/idle position and check the gear handle is down.

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