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Helsinki to Stocklholm in DC-10

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leg 14 takes from Helsinki to Stockholm in a DC-10-30.  yes, it is a rather short trip of 219NM for a heavy, but we had a lot of passengers to move so we used the KLM DC-10-30.

From EFHK to ESSA. Block on to Block off time: 1h 12m.  takeoff to touchdown: 50m

FL 200, 35,000lbs of fuel on board

Loading up



Climbing turn to our course



Cruising with our three GE turbofans humming along nicely




Approaching Stockholm  Gear deploying





View out the cabin window



EFB approach plate showing us approaching the middle marker, descending toward RW01R on a course of 006 degrees with the wind @7kts from 064 degrees




Almost down



Parked and unloading.  Funny thing, not sure how we got a JAL cargo container in the cargo hold of our KLM



Thanks for taking a look!

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Welcome to Sweden Richard!

There's a Hostel at the airport built in a retired 747, perhaps a good place to get some shut eye ;)

Great shots as well!

Thanks Micke! I'll check it out. But after a flight in the DC-10 I might prefer sonething else. Got a spare room at your place?

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