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Hi all

I have bought the airbus 320/321.The problem I am having is that when I start a flight it's OK then half in th my flight the airbus gains speed and altitude with auto pilot on so I switch it off and back on again but no luck any help would be grateful

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Has the TOGA been switched on by the aircraft? There should be a warning in the PFD, switching the AP off and on should clear it so long as the throttle is in the correct position.

TBH I am no expert in this area but I am sure it is something like this as I had a similar problem a couple of weeks ago.

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I'm a little out of touch with the current Aerosoft Airbus, but here goes. Firstly you mention that you've just bought it. Check your version number and then check the Aerosoft forums, because there's usually a hot fix or two that needs applying. If you need to install them, do it and refly the flight.

If your still getting issues, then it could be a number of things. The Airbus really is very different to a Boeing and the throttle settings are one of the big differences. First up, the issue joe describes is called TOGA LK. It happens when the aircraft comes close to a stall and the flight protection kicks in. The throttles open to full, though the actual throttles don't move. You'll be able to tell by checking the PFD in the top left corner. If it's hit TOGA LK, it'll show up in green there. With TOGA LK on the speed control goes out the window and the aircraft starts trying to slow itself down by pitching the nose up. Of course once the speed comes down, the nose pitches down and your back to square one.

The way to fix this is to disconnect the Autothrottle then re engage it. It should return to'SPEED' mode I the top left of the PFD.

If this doesn't help, a screenshot of the cockpit would help so we can see exactly what the old girl it thinking. :)

Best wishes,

Jess B

Airbus Gremlin.

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