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Have just downloaded the Simon Holderness and fsuipc articles from the Commercial Airlines section, but they are both .bin files, im guessing, due to the size.

Is there any way to save them as .pdf , even if they have to be in sections?

Some of the articles posted are brilliant for reference when flying (such as the checklist & the tutorial) so it would be fantastic to be able to save and view them on a tablet.

Here's hoping :)

P.s. The FSUIPC article sounds very useful.. just wondering if there is any appetite for an FSUIPC tweaks thread where those of us using the paid version can share tweaks.. sometimes you dont know you're missing out till you spot something like this.. Any takers?

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Hi Steph,


They are both native .pdf files, I have just downloaded them and opened them OK, what browser are you using?


EDIT: This may be a Chrome thing renaming the file, try renaming the file type from, .bin to .pdf. (I guess you are using a mobile?)



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Confirmed, they are definitely all pdf files.

> "...both .bin files, im guessing, due to the size."

Weird! Something is obviously either trying to convert them or else trying to guess what they are and getting it wrong.

I've just downloaded Simon's "wall-o-text" on my iPad and it's perfectly readable. What tablet and browser are you using, I wonder? 8-)

I'm puzzled.... 8-|



a.k.a. Brian747

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OK... update on the files.

I tried downloading them with Chrome on my Tablet but still no joy. Even though the file extension is .pdf they still won't open so I have downloaded them on the PC and transferred them across to the tablet... now works fine :-)

Must be something to do with the way Samsung tablets download from the net.. odd to say the least as the others worked fine.

Cheers guys :thum:

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My comment in post #2 is totally off the wall - for some reason I was reading "bin" and thinking "bmp".




Haha, all that searching I did to figure out what you were talking about and you were only having a senior moment. :P


@Steph- Glad you worked it out. :)


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