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Any FS news is interesting news, please share!

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Dear All,   I would like to invite you all as Mutley's news hounds!   We all have our own connections, media feeds and FS site favourites etc. so if you see any interesting or entertaining news th

This one is for Matt, another dive bomber to deliver frozen fish...

just a quick Heads up to anyone with REX TD HD, 2gig update, part of which makes it p3d4 compatible.....fire up REX, you will get told there's an update, no report yet just downloading now........whoo

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I haven't been over to the ORBx forums/site for a little while apparently. I missed the release of this one...localesque to me and often visited while shooting up the coast.


ORBx released KEKA Murray Field, Eureka California Oct, 9th:




Payday is friday...I will be landing here that night and posting some pics in the screen section. :)

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I know right...Between as KBLU, KSTS, KMRY, KPSP and now these...are their a lot of flight simulator fans buying sceneries from California??? Seems like we're being treated to some very nice treats out here.

BTW...don't be jealous Joe...it's a Simulator. You can always simulate moving to California! :) : D

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Thanks for the heads up indeed. Never shopped there before, they have a ton of stuff for 50% off till Nov 29th.


I picked up a Flysimware:

Nieport 24


Flight Replicas:

Super Cub IFR Amphibious


ME-163 Komet


and VirtualCol's:

Jetsream Super 31


5 planes for under 40 USD...nice.

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Thanks for the heads up loic, it seems to  be good value at EUR 12.06 inc tax, I may get this! 


Ah.. only P3Dv1 compatible so no good for me  :mellow:


That's strange, it only says P3D on the guy's website...  Why would someone publish an addon today for P3D V1 ?  :huh:

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I think it's a cool addon that has been lacking right now in FSX but kept waiting for that darn camera stick to get caught on something. :D


Is that what it is? A selfie stick? lol.



Unless it's a grounding pole for power lines. :D


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