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Hi all

I have done a flight from eidw to egcc the problem I am having is when I decent to the airport at what is says on the charts witch is 3500 when it says localised alive I then hit the approach button it just carry on at 3500 and no autoload any ideas were I am going wrong or is it a bug in the aircraft.

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I will ask you a few questions so that someone familiar with this aircraft can help you Carl. :)
Did you approach the airport under the glideslope the correct distance away from the airport according to the chart at 3500'?
Do you have the correct ILS frequency dialed in for the runway you are landing on?
Are the magenta or yellow glideslope arrows showing on the PFD?
When you click the approach button does the altitude hold disconnect? 
Are you using the default airport in FSX and does that ILS frequency match the one in your FMS?
Is there anything entered in LSK1 that might block the ILS like a VOR?
Is the Auto-Tune putting in the wrong frequency?
Are both AP1 & 2 on?
Is the aircraft & manual updated to latest version?
I'm just guessing here as I do not have this aircraft and I know it's a complicated one. Hopefully someone will chime in in good time, good luck. :)
Signed a very relaxed GA flier. :P
Please note that I have moved your question to the Commercial Airliners section so it will be seen by those members that are gifted with great knowledge about the big birds. :D

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Hi Carl,

Flying the Airbus is a little more complicated than a Boeing, at least when it comes to auto flight and auto landing.

Ok, to start with, I'm going to assume you had your approach set up in the MCDU. As you approach the airport, you should notice a capital D on the ND. This is where the bus entered the approach phase. The system will start slowing the aircraft, ready for you to deploy the flaps. At this point it's wise to put the aircraft into 'landing mode' by clicking the 'LS' button next to the Flight Director 'FD' button on the glareshield EFIS panel. (Next to the autopilot panel). With the aircraft in landing mode, the ills bars will appear on the PFD. dial your altitude down to the ils capture level and make sure your in 'managed ' mode. (The speed and heading settings on the autopilot panel should be blank with a single orange dot visible next to each) the altitude read out should read 3500 with a orange dot next to it.

When the localiser becomes active Select the 'loc' button on the autopilot panel. This will start the aircraft turning onto the localiser. When the glideslope starts moving, then select the approach button and then select both autopilots. The PFD should have a AP1+2 Dual indicator in the top right. That'll indicate the aircraft is set to auto land.

However if any of these steps aren't met, then the aircraft will just fly on. The most important step is making sure that the autopilot is in 'managed mode' without that, the bus won't land by itself.

Hope this helps,

Jess B

Mutley's Crew.

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Hi jess

The steps I took was when the decent checklist is done I initiate decent to 3500. in the mcdu I have put qnh wind temp and ta 5000 it's says in the mcdu activate approach but I leave it is that correct or do I activate in mcdu then when I get localised alive hit the app button then when I see the runway put 2nd autopilot on and it will land by itself

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I would suggest making another flight and doing the procedures exactly as Jess has laid out for you and see how you make out. Before you do though, it is a good idea to read everything she has said over and over and replay what needs to be done mentally in your mind before attempting it in the sim. If you can see the all procedures in your mind first than flying it should be a cakewalk. :)  

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I have a question for Jess too. Can an Aerosoft Airbus a320 really fully AutoLand right down onto the runway and stop in FSX?  I would figure the system would need all kinds of ground equipment in place that FSX doesn't have.  

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