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Hi all

Can any one tell me does the nav1 in the airbus make the jetways in the uk2000 airports move as I read that you have to use nav1 but it can be changed but the question were do I change it is it aircraft cfg or uk2000 manchester cfg need some help if possible

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From the UK2000 FAQ web page http://www.uk2000scenery.com/support/#Scenery problems - Jetways "Our own design jetways will move if you change NAV1, doesn't matter what you change it to, just change it. The Jetway will then move in or move out. However check the manual first, only some Jetways move."


So will first need to read the airport manual and see if in fact the jetways do move in that airport you purchased. If they do, make sure you park in the correct position on the parking painted line and once the parking brake is set just change Nav1 to a new frequency.

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What is the frequency in the nav1 for jetways 


Sydney, before you jump in with comments like this, please pay the courtesy to uor members who are trying to help you by actually reading their replies.


Brett said " if you change NAV1, doesn't matter what you change it to, just change it" So why your second question??


Please take notice and try researching what  information is already available in flight simforums already.





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