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182 Aussie flying

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Something tells me you are liking the looks of this Skylane. :D Nice shots Dolf, :thum: I like it a lot too. :)

Thanks Brett, I do really like it, and flying it  :pilotic:


Really enjoying the Skylane lol - I don't blame you though; it does look fantastic - superb sho

Thanks Jim, I think a couple of warbirds of'm could be really nice, P51 or Spit?

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The Spit flies like a dream if a bit quirky the way it overheats fast on the ground but I think that's one part of it's charm. The P51 is a handful on takeoff but once in the air is a sturdy and fast flier. I was never into the warbirds in the sim but they are interesting to learn about and get that feeling of what it must have been like for all those WWII pilots using A2A realism. Call me converted because they are all cool as heck to fly. :cool: 

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I have the Spit, agreed bout the "Charm" of overheating being part of it's quirks. I just got the P40 Warhawk and have found it has some charms of it's own, including overheating...like a rather difficult to pump up gear and flaps system... till you discover the Automatic Hydraulic Pump Switch (manuals...we don't need no stinking manuals...)...that cost me a complete overhaul after the left gear collapsed (ok...I am seeing your point about the manual now). But that aside it flies like a dream.

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