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Need Help with AI

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This occurs when I use the Captain Sim C-130 as AI. Not sure what the effect is, what's causing it or what to do to avoid it. I'm using JF's T2005. Anyone have any ideas?

I'm trying to group all my Boxwings AC for a family photo and this will pretty much spoil the shot.



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It's a dynamic thing - the edges of the effect are kind of whispy and shimmering, kind of like a cloud. It puts me in mind of either fuel-dumping or flares, both of which are included in the CS C-130 effects. I'm wondering if one or the other of those is being triggered somehow. If you zoom in much closer than this shot it "whites out" the whole screen.

I watched for a while and it went away when the AC "woke up" and started to push back. The AC looks normal after that.

T2005 has an option to send a "key event" to an AI AC that has focus. This is the only AC that I have ever seen do this.


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