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cockpit sounds and checklists

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I am really enjoying the Aerosoft A320. I like all the radio chatter and the interactive checklists included. What I would like to know is whether there is a Boeing that is like this. I have also found the tutorial very helpful and want to know if there are renditions of Boeing like this.

Reading and watching you tube I cant find the answer. I am a little concerned that PMDG may be too complex and to heavy for my system.

There is know rush to make a decision as I expect to be flying the 320 for a while yet.

What about Captain Sim or Quality Wings? Maybe better for me...sim is P3D....


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I have fs2crew for my airbus and its great - I only have button control but the voice control would be brilliant as you talk through the checklists and have a full crew too. Also the Co pilot does some of the work that makes your life a lot easier with approaches and stuff.

I used to run the 737 on my old dinosaur rig at about 20 fps lol. Runs ok on my new pc luckily.

Keep practicing the bus before buying a new tube as they take a lot of getting used to and you end up forgetting the processes between them lol.

Have a look on Youtube for fs2crew voice control - then you can see if it's worth it for you.

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I will take a good look at fs2crew...does it inprove on what Aerosoft give you? I would get the button version though. I had issues with Voxatc not undersfanding my West Country accent...

Yeah I plan to be fully conversant with the 320 before going down the Boeing route. Recently bought 3 aircraft that I have hardly used just because I liked them..at the moment though they are gathering virtual dust in the vietual hangar...

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As I don't have English as my native language I was also worried of that issue.

When I did the review of the FS2CREW app for the PMDG NGX I had severe issues with getting the darn thing to understand what I was saying, but after investing some time in running the learning phrases in the Windows voice recognition software it got much better..

Also, with FS2CREW you can just say "next" to skip a phrase it's having issues understanding.

There is also a way of training the voice recognition on specific phrases.


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