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gsx and addon airports

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hi all


can you help.i have gsx installed in fsx steam and the problem i am having is when i have gsx running 

staircases catering come and all is ok then when i reach my destination airport i get the follow me car then when i park at the gate and call for deboarding.

all veichels turn up but when the stairs come the cab that brings the stairs is invisible so all as you see is stairs no cab i have gsx all updated anybody any idea what is causing it

any help would be grate           


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Hi mutley wain

The answer to your questions no I don't have dx10 preview wain and mutley if I choose gsx default there is no cab at departure airport or arrival airport but on the adeparture when I get gsx up.you start catering and you get the caterers and the stairs.and then it gives you a choice of who you want to use like swiss port etc but also gives you the gsx default for the airport like easy jet.so if I pick default the stairs come but with the cab invisible but if I don't pick the default then the stairs come with the cab showing.next is the arrival airport.I can not choose who supply s the stairs for debasing.but when I call up debasing the stairs come with invisible cab.I have turned my settings down I have uninstall ed and reinstalled but just the same I have no idea what is causing this problem

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is this something that has just started happening or has it been like this since you installed gsx?

If its recently started have you installed something else since?

Have you installed a lot of things lately? if so have you rebooted your pc? sometimes a reboot is required to finish the install, the A320 needs that.


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Yes I have got a number of addons but I reboot it has only just started doing it.I don't no what the cause is.I even uninstalled all my addons just incase but made no difference.I am woudering if it's my graphics card I have a radeon r9 200 2gb and I am having to use a hdmi vga adapter as when I plug my hdmi cable into the moniter I don't get a signal.next year I am upgrading my graphics card to a 4gb navidia gtx980

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No that's good, just checking. :thum: 


No one else has or had this problem which makes it tough to figure out. It could be your PC or something as simple as a corrupt download. Have you tried un-installing, re-downloading another copy and then re-installing it again.

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