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Homegroup Sudden Appearance

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I was wondering if someone would check to see if they have the same thing in the PC as me.  I would be most appreciative. :)
The backstory is that I tried to download and install an older version of Photoshop Pro from a site Joe had linked in another thread. Short story is I tried two versions and couldn't get anything to work and deleted them, no big deal.
While doing all of that a new Yahoo Toolbar appeared that I was able to get rid of no problem. What also appeared was a Homegroup icon on my desktop that was never there before. I couldn't scan it with a right click and scan or anything else to figure out what it was doing there. I do understand that you can create homegroups using networking between other home PC's but I don't think that is what this is. I also never saw it in my file structure before as you will see in my image below. I tried a drop and drag to the recycle bin, tried finding its properties with no success.
Now it could be a brain fart as to if it was always in my file structure but I damn well know it was never on my desktop. Can you take a look and see if you have one here and if not offer me some suggestions on what to do with it or get rid of it.


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Not sure what to do, if anything. Poking around, in Control Panel -> Network and Internet -> HomeGroup

... there's a list of options including...

Leave the homegroup

I haven't invoked it yet but it looks like it might be the prudent thing to do.


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Hi Brett!


That's a new one on me, but a Google search came up with this: http://www.thewindowsclub.com/remove-homegroup-icon-windows-8-desktop


(I know it's for W8, but it does sounds remarkably similar...).


Ah, come back, *ix.all is forgiven!     :cool:





a.k.a. brian747


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As far as I know, the Homegroup menu listing is a permanent part of Win7 (in my case, Win7 Pro).


Seems like a good opportunity to test my new MH Snaps. Here's a screenshot of my monitor. Note that I do not have anything listed under Homegroup as I use a "Workgroup" - shown under "Network". What we have there is R2D2 - my laptop, Luke Skywalker, my wife's laptop and Chupaca, the server for our music system. As you can see, my network is named after Star Wars characters. Interestingly, Chupaca was not named by me, but rather by the Win10 computer that is the music server. Coincidence (despite incorrect spelling)? You tell me.



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Appreciate you checking it out guys including R2D2, Luke and Chewbacca.  :D  I have win7 but do have a printer set up to it I guess, just not sure why it showed up on my desktop.


I disabled it in services and drop/dragged it onto itself in the file menu and it went away. I will keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and hope it is not a virus bomb. I did run a full scan and everything looks ok.


Thanks for the help. :hat: 

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Bit late seeing this, I have it on my Win8.1 Sim PC, it will let you set up a home group so you can use files from another PC in the group, it always shows me when other laptops etc are connected to my wifi...and if you give both computers permission they can use your files but I have not done that....


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I have Win 7 and have the Homegroup section in LH section of the side of the Computer panel.  This should be there and allows you to produce a home group that can include other PCs in your home network if you have one.  It makes managing security between local PCs easier.  My home PCs have an entry in the home group for all of the other networked PCs that I have, but only when they are switches on.


To use this you must first create a home group using the main PC on the network and then share it with other devices on your network.  This is done by right clicking on the Homegroup Icon and following the trail from there.  Once one is setup you can:

  • Manage the homegroup which will allow you to Change the homegroup settings (File sharing by type, controlling streaming video, password ETC.):
  • Display the Homegroup Password 
  • Troubleshoot the Homegroup
  • Invite other devices to join the Homegroup

I find it a very useful tool as I have a network of five computers that I manage in this way.



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Thanks JG but the problem was that it appeared on my desktop for no reason and was unsure if it was a virus bomb due to a recent download. I actually do have a ghost in my PC because things appear and disappear all the time over the past two years, weird for sure. :huh: 

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