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Hi Martin,


If you are doing a re-install it's better have all new fresh files.


If you have any modifications made to your FSX.cfg file then it may be wise to back it up. It should be in Users\(your user name)\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX



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I get lazy when I have to reinstall.  It's usually to a new drive, so the old install is still handy.  I tend to copy aircraft over from the old instance instead of re-installing them one by one.  The thing that trips me up is special gauges.  FSX will throw an error when it can't find a file, so at least I know what I need to copy from the old gauges folder.


The other thing is add-on scenery.  Not the big stuff, like OrbX, but little things like airports or special spots.  If you don't have the original files, or they're lost somewhere in a obscure hard drive folder, having the files from the Addons folder can be a life saver.

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