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Saitek Throttle quadrant w/PSC connector.

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Well I finally found my TWO throttle quadrants after visiting every Fry's Brick and Mortor in the SF bay area, and found a total of 3 on the shelves.

(Sorry March, never found a Yoke/quadrant package...too bad, there was one in one of those stores 6 months ago :(.


Two of the three I found (the last two) have USB connectors...I am keeping those as a matched set (and it took me most of last night to figure out how to recognize/configure them).


I have one (PSP/2 Connector ?)version for sale at my cost ($65 USD) + shipping to anyone from Mutley's...otherwise I am going to try to flip it on EBAY for more than I paid for it....feels like these are getting rare. Note that the Outer Sleeve Packaging on this unit claims it had a USB connection...not sure if it was something that a customer/store employee may have (Fry's employees have No Clue what these things are...guess they all play HALO :P ) previously swapped outer packaging/product with....I could see that happening by mistake or design. Regardless the unit looks Brand New...no scratches or dings anywhere on any of the pieces.


I wasn't able to get this one to recognize on my machine as a Saitek Quadrant...as opposed to "generic USB device", but I hadn't gone as far as I did last night troubleshooting since I only had the one throttle and wanted to wait for the second before "screwing things up"...nor had I downloaded any current drivers yet. I believe it was a case of drivers not being installed yet/properly, or old outdated drivers on the software disk...be sure to get latest drivers from Saitek online for your OP system when installing these things...the "shelf units" and their software are ancient I think.



-Software disks are included...but download latest drivers and software.

-Black multi axis connector handle is there

-Black, Red, and Blue knobs are there

-Mounting pieces are there...except *** There are No Mounting Screws for the clamp mount to quadrant connection***...the four screws were missing from one of the USB quadrants so I stole them from the PSP/2 version...I'm sure a hardware store can sort you out with the missing screws...just bring the pieces with you to the store...the length of bolt/screw seems important. I may take one of my screws to hardware store and find replacements if no one rushes to grab this). Worst case...super glue, gorilla glue, 3m 5200, (or duct tape even) would hold them together.

-Also tossed a PSP/USB connector cable into the box...not 100% sure it is the correct connector, but there it is.


PM me if interested. I would prefer transferring money via Paypal. Pictures of pieces and packaging available upon request.

Ships anywhere you are willing to pay shipping to...Shipping from California.


Cheers and happy new year FSFlying



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