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FFS Saab 340, any chance?

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It's not the first time something like this has happened to me, an old FS9 addon which is a must-have for me, has somehow slipped under my radar for many years. FFS Saab 340 is one of those must-have addons of whose existence I haven't been aware for so many years.


Now I'd love to have this addon, but there is a problem which is quite obvious I guess, the developer is gone and the product is nowhere to be found. So I was wondering if anyone knows of some way to get this thing, maybe a simmer who owns but no longer uses it or something like that....upon scanning the net for more info on this product, I came across some links to shared copies of it on torrent sites, now I could of course just get this thing from there as the developer is out of business, and so I know that no financial damage whatsoever can be done anymore, but still....it ain't fair, I'd rather not. I don't even know why I think anybody can help me with this, but....oh well... 


I do have quite a lotta plane spotting/simmer buddies, many of whom are obsessed with owning poop loads of FS addons, who in turn have connections with even more "aerial" folks, I'll try 'n spread the word among them to see if anyone can bless me with this addon....otherwise...I don't know...what would you do? Would you go for the "ghost version" aka shared copies, considering this dev is out of business? If I could at least drop some cash at the developer's front door afterwords   :thum:



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Got to admit Dorel as a SAAB fan, (I drive a 95, ok stop laughing), the 340 has been on my wish list for a long time. IIRC there was one on a PC Pilot disc many moons ago but I think it was for FS9. I shall watch this space. :thum:

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Mutley's Hangar does not condone file sharing in any form if the developer is in business or not.


If the developer wished his work to be shared after closure of his business he would have made it available online in one of the well known file libraries


I understand your dilemma Dorel but I don't want file sharing discussed here.




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