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Bad luck and frustration

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It's about my quest to find that long lost, ancient treasure, the FFS Saab 340. There's been new developments on this "quest" of mine and I was thinking of sharing them with you, I know Geoff at least, was quite keen to follow this story. But before I go ahead, I wanna stress that getting the addon from "the dark side" has never been an option for me (not even if the dev is out of business), and now I understand how simply being curious if others would have different opinions on this matter (admittedly, I was curios), could lead to...well...undesired effects, despite most of us not having such intentions. Fairness (respecting each developer's wishes in this case) must stand above all else. This was just a statement intended to clarify things, so please, no more feeding of this subject! Thank you! 


So, why bad luck and frustration? Let us start with the beginning....like I said in the previous thread, I am blessed with a good number of close friends who share this field of interest (flight simulation included) who in turn have connections with many others alike and with "bigger personalities" from the world of aviation and flight simming (plane spotting, connecting people :D ). Some of them are quite passionate about (obsessed with) FS, having owned and used every major sim from FS9 onward, on supersystems the likes of the ones offered by Jetline Systems, complete with many (most?) relevant addons ever released for each sim. Most of these folks retired their FS9s in favor of newer sims years ago, meaning their FS9 goodies got retired too. Sine I'm a die-hard FS9er (God I like how that sounds), it is only natural that my servants...I mean my good friends, would let me have their decommissioned FS9 goodies in exchange for a pizza and a cola at our favorite restaurant (yes, this is where most of my payware stuff comes from, there goes my secret  :hat: ). So when FFS Saab 340 found itself on my WANTED list, I instinctively checked to see if there's any copy of this addon collecting dust somewhere in the hangars of my mates. Turns out none of my chaps has it anymore; one of them said he used to have it, but gave it away to some pretty lil' simmer girl when he retired his FS9... :huh: I accused him of thinking with...anything but his brain:rofl: And so I asked my amigos to use their connections and see if anybody out there still owning this simulation and who would be willing to give it away is to be found. To my surprise, they actually found someone who has it, but...he won't give it away, he uses FS9 for IFR/airliner simulation (including Saab 340) and FSX for VFR/sightseeing flights. That gave me some hope though. Not long after that, my heart paused for a while when the unbelievable happened. I was told that someone who still has it, AND would gladly let me have it, has been found. I understand his father used to be a pilot on Saab 340, and so this plane is sort of the mascot of the family. The simmer in question has reportedly upgraded to a much more serious simulation of the Saab 340, the one from X-Aviation, on X-Plane 10, so he almost forgot his FS9 FFS Saab was left to rust. There's only one tiny little problem however...he saved the addon on a disk, and now he can't find the disk  :thum:


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Thank you kindly for your offer Geoff, I already own a not-too-bad payware Saab 340 simulation, the one from Aerosim (part of the Aerosim propliner collection package). The FFS one is considerably better than the Aerosim though, hence my ambition to find a copy of it.

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Matter fact, I've been seriously considering getting the Virtualcol Saab pack ever since it was released. I own some of their planes (FS9), the Fokker 50 is pretty darn good, the Jetstream even better, the E-Jets less so. And so I kept resisting the temptation to get them, as I wasn't sure how they compare to my Aerosim Saab 340. I realize this pack includes the Saab 2000, I've got the freeware 2000 from BSMP coupled with a pretty good panel, and I'm not sure the Virtualcol offering is any better than that either. But then again, for little over 10 bucks, when my patience runs out, I might just get it and see how they compare. Meanwhile, the guy who offered me his lost copy of FFS Saab 340 sent me assurances he'll continue his investigation into the whereabouts of the elusive disk, he said he's quite sure he has it somewhere. Well OK, it's the thought that counts, anyway  :)

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UPDATE: (hint: I got it)

Turns out, neither my friends nor the person who offered me his retired copy of this simulation have been completely honest with me. They all cooperated and lied to me all this time. :rofl: So the generous simmer did indeed forget where he put the disk with the FFS Saab 340 when he retired it, but he found it a few days later, and wanted to send it to me through one of my mates. But my friends, knowing that my birthday was to follow on April the 8th, waited for that day to come to hand me the addon. In the meantime, I was told the guy still hasn't found the addon but will keep lookin' for it. Fast fwd to my birthday - some of my amigos pay me a visit, they bring a bunch of presents (even though they know I HATE IT...perhaps that's why they keep doing it, cuz they know I hate it...hmm...never thought of that), and among the things they brought me, there was this nicely packed little box (ribbons and $hyt) with "Allet Jute ooch zum Jeburtstach" written on it, that's Happy Birthday in a Northern German dialect, mainly in Berlin. I opened the box, and there was a cd inside, I asked what it was, they told me to throw it in and see. I did that, as they were all staring at me, as if ready to burst into laughter. And sure enough, "FS2004 FFS Saab 340" was there. And yeah, they kinda laughed...So I installed it, fired up FS and gave it a try, am luvin' it! I wanna thank that cool chap in person. I had given up on this...















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