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Has anyone else had issues with the MilViz F-15E?  My FSX is working pretty good, but when I load the F-15E, it works great, but when I press ESC to exit FSX, it crashes. 

So, if I want to continue to fly FSX, even in another plane, I have to restart FSX.  Incidentally, after I installed the F-15E, FSX crashes after every flight, no matter what aircraft, even default ones. The flight does not register in the flight log either, but I can recover that.  This has happened a number of times, as it has been reinstalled a number of times over the last year or two...





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You don't state specifically but is the MilViz F-15E a recent install and has the problem arisen immediately after the install?


Have you uninstalled the MilViz F-15E to confirm the problem still exists?


Try deleting your fsx.cfg and FSX will rebuild a new one when you next start FSX. 




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This seems to be step in the right direction.  However, now the scenery seems a bit unstable. For example, the runway seems to shimmer and adjacent textures find their way to parts where they should not be.  Also, the text at the top of the screen (which gives speed, altitude, etc) is smaller than it was.

Maybe I need to fiddle around with the screen resolution....?

Thanks for your help so far.... :thum:

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