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Hiding the default aircraft

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I have been trying to hide the default aircraft that I don't use such that they are not on the choose aircraft screen.


I have been able to do this but I have discovered a down side to doing this, and that is that where one of those aircraft is used for AI the aircraft appeared black, I assume that this is because the aircraft paint is no longer available.


The only way I have found around this is to make just one paint of each aircraft available.  If you know a way to hide aircraft without producing black aircraft please let me know. 

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If I recall correctly, the best way to do this is making a minor alteration to the aircraft's .air file. Aircraft which display in the aircraft selection menu have an "Aircraft Type=0" in the aircraft's .air file and AI aircraft normally have an "Aircraft Type=2"


By changing this figure to a 2, they are still available as AI, but can no longer be viewed / selected in the aircraft selection menu.


A little freeware program called "Air File Editor" will allow you to make the necessary changes.




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From TTools...


If you do not want to see the AI version of an aircraft in your list of ‘flyable’ aircraft, then you can remove it by changing a parameter in the .air file. To do this you must use a utility called ‘AirEd’ that is available on most major flight sim web sites. Open the .air file with this utility and change the parameter "AircraftType" from 0 to 2. This will change the aircraft to AI only so it won’t appear in your list of flyable aircraft.



Note that this is a different editor than Andrew specified (probably doesn't matter), and that the parameter ID has no space in it, i.e. "AircraftType=0", vice "Aircraft Type=0


Not sure if this solves your problem or not but it may be one bread crumb further up the trail.



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I can think of two ways that might work to keep aircraft from showing in the hangar, the first is to slash out all the flight sim sections in the aircraft.cfg file that you don't want to show, //[Fltsim.xx].


The other way is a guess too, rename the Panel folders to something like PanelOrig. Just guessing here:huh:

Edit: I take this one back as it would affect aliased aircraft. :(

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I did find this in my hints and tip folder from a fellow named Bean(thanks): :)

If you want to keep them and have them not show up for now, all you have to do is change the panel= line to point to a non-existent panel.

Do these each at a time or

An easy way to do a bunch at a time is to open the aircraft.cfg and press Ctrl+H.

In the "find" field type panel=.

In the "replace with" field type panel=off-.

Now you will have to edit the variants you want to show by removing the off-.

This will keep any existing panel reference for future use and remove the unwanted variants from the plane selection screen.

Hope this helps.

the Bean

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