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Repainting the MilViz Phantom

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Hello all.


I want to make a repaint for the Milviz F4 Phantom.


Milviz kindly provide a good paint kit with this addon but this comes as a set of PSD files.  I dont have Photoshop, and like to do all my artwork in the GIMP.


GIMP wont open PSD files properly, and Photoshop wont write native GIMP files.  


I need to find a way to convert a bunch of PSD files to a format that will be read into Gimp but at the same time preserve the layered format.


Someone suggested that this could be achieved by converting the PSD files to layered Tiff files and then load these into the GIMP.


Does anyone know of a tool (preferably free that will convert PSD files to either XCF or layered TIFF files?


All I need to do is to convert 10 PSD files and then I am ready to start repainting!

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Thanks boss that's very kind of you - You didn't have to do it.  :thum:


Unfortunately when I open the files in the GIMP I see only one layer. I googled this and found that others had had this problem and were getting around the problem by breaking down the files into one file per layer and reassembling them in the GIMP. :wacko2:


That sounds like a lot of hassle to me - so don't do it Boss!!!  I will search for a freeware program that allows you to view a layered Tiff file and take it from there.  ^_^


Thanks again Boss.



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