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Problem with AI and Radar Contact

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I have a problem with my AI aircraft. When, for example, I hold short a runway, other AI aircraft come upon me! Why is this happening? It is really annoying. Also, I experience a problem with Radar Contact 4.3 : I cannot hear the communications with the other AI aircraft. I have JF Traffic installed and I am using FS2004

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The amount of AI chatter with RC is less than with MS ATC.

I've never solved the problem of AI taxiing right through me so always have crashes

set off while on the ground. Once in the takeoff queue, they seem to realize you're

there and line up behind you without collisions, but while you're moving you seem

to be invisible to them.


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I haven't been following their forum closely, but I don't think so. They seem

to be much more focused on what happens over the radio and in the air. From

what I've read there in the past, they just seem to shrug off comments and

questions about ground operations and one gets the impression it's not a

priority for them. In their defense, I'm not sure that the MS AI engine allows

them to do very much about it anyway.

That's what lead me to begin printing airport diagrams and making my own when

I couldn't get one off the web. As you probably know there are no detailed

taxi instructions, nor are the progressive taxi arrows available in RC (I hate them

anyway - the Ladies Aid). If you don't have an airport diagram or open a top-down

window, it's tough. Finding your way is pretty much up to you.

What RC does in the air more than makes up for the ground issues, but like many

things, it's a compromise - nothing's perfect. I'm sure version 5 will be better, but

still not perfect.


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