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I'm not sure if any of you use this program called VATSPY but it basically shows VATSIM traffic and shows who's online.


Today, I noticed that some of the control centers were lightly colored in instead of darkly colored in and there was more than one of that center. 


I have included a link here to a screenshot I got just in case I didn't explain it with enough detail. It might take a while for the picture to load and become clear, but trust me, the text is readable. 


To anyone reading this post later, the link to the picture has been removed as the problem has been solved


Could someone tell me what this means?





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Hi Ardy,

What this means is that the control centre only controls the upper airspace (above FL245). For example, the one in your screenshot is eurocontrol maastricht, but the same would show for any of the other eurocontrol sectors.

Hope this helps


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What exactly do you mean by a thousand of the same? If you are referring to the fact that EURM covers other sectors as well, it's because the EUR sector only covers above FL245, whereas the main control centre covers from the ground up.

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Well, if you have one area control centre which covers from the ground and has no upper limit, there are theoretically a lot more aircraft to deal with, what with clearances, taxi, and other general airport operations, whereas the EUR sectors (there are 5 by the way, EURW, EURE, EURM, EURN and EURI), covering only above FL245 can cut out all this ground and lower airspace stuff, meaning they have a lower workload so can have a much larger sector (the different pieces on the map that all say EURM are one sector for EUR). In reality though I have seen them get very busy, EURW especially. This may be wrong, as I am no expert, but if you have any more questions I'll try my best, or you could post this on the vatsim forums.


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