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I have been reading lots about this but need some answers from users of this product before purchase.


My only airline experiance has been Aerosofts A320. What drove me to that was the material with it..for example the manuals and the tutorial flight without which I would have been lost. I am not one for videos though I will watch them I like a good manual that I can refer back to. I was dissappointed with Captain Sims 777 and the lack of instruction.


So if any of you are using this does it come with clear easy to follow tutorials and a manual for reference. I have no Boeing experiance at all so useful instruction is essential. 


I have got XP running nicely and seem to be happy with it. I have a few GA and the B1900 is great along with the Saab but would like to add an airliner to learn. Thought about JARDesigns A320NEO but some reviews have been fairly negative.


Thanks for your help...



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Just after it was released we did try getting a copy for review but the developers didn't respond.


Regarding the documentation, X-Aviation offer a 17% discount on a 300 page book "737 Classic Pilot Handbook"  http://www.x-aviation.com/catalog/product_info.php/737-classic-pilot-handbook-p-121 linked from the ixeg 737 product page so that may be a reflection of how much you get with it?

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